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General Application and Specification

Aquatech Pressmain Tankmatic MG range of quality assured cold water storage tank level monitors are designed for monitoring and displaying the level and temperature of fluid in tanks using our Smart Relay Micro-controller technology. The level monitors are  an ideal solution for low water alarm conditions and can be used to interlock water pressure booster sets  in low water conditions, similarly the high level alarm clock could be used to close an incoming water mains  solenoid valve to prevent overflow condition.



• Level and temperature measurement
• Single or twin tank monitoring
• LED backlit display
• High and low level alarm
• BMS volt free outputs
• Wall mounted IP55 rated enclosure
• Built to latest CE Requirements and in accordance with our IS09001 Quality System


Tank Temperature 

Standard preset temperature alarms:-

Low Temperature    On 3°C Off 5°C
High Temperature   On 22°C Off 20°C
Low Temperature    Approach On 5°C
High Temperature   Approach On 20°C
Above settings are standard presets, however, all level
and temperature alarm settings are fully adjustable via
the control panel to suit on site requirements. If known,
we are happy to set actual site specific alarm points at
works prior to supply.

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