Ebara CDXM 120/07 Single Impeller Centrifugal Pump 240 Volts


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The CDXM 120/12 is a single impeller centrifugal electric pump with hydraulic parts in AISI 304 stainless steel and is suitable for domestic pressure boosting, brewery applications (when fitted with correct seal) treating water, cooling towers and moving clean water in general.

Please Note: Use in breweries invalidates warranty even though they are often used in these applications.

Electric Data

  • Single Phase - 230V
  • Power - 1.2HP, 0.9kW
  • Current: 6.9A

Technical Details

  • Solid hydraulic structure
  • Maximum working pressure: 8 bar
  • Maximum temperature of the liquid: -10°C to +90°C
  • Self-ventilated 2 pole asynchronous motor
  • Class of insulation: F
  • IP55 Protection rating
  • 230V ±10%, 50Hz 
  • Permanent capacitor inserted and thermo-amperometric protection with automatic rearm incorporated for the single phase motor
  • G1¼  suction connection
  • G1 discharge connection


  • Pump body, impeller, nozzle and seal housing disc in AISI 304
  • Shaft in AISI 303
  • Support and motor casing in aluminium
  • Mechanical sealing in:
    - Ceramic/Carbon/NBR (standard)
    - Ceramic/Carbon/FPM (H version )
    - SiC/SiC/FPM (HS version)

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