DAB Esybox Max 60/120 M220-240 Pump

DAB Pumps

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Electronic vertical multi-impeller pump, with display, pressure sensors on intake and delivery, non-return valve on delivery and an integrated expansion tank. Pump body and impellers in technopolymer with steel jacket.

Water-cooled permanent magnet motor, stainless steel motor jacket. Motor shaft in AISI 303 stainless steel. 

The variable frequency drive keeps the pressure constant by varying the number of motor revolutions according to the request. The expansion module (esy I/O, available as an accessory) makes it possible to interface Esybox Max with the other elements of the system (BMS).Integrated protections: protection from dry running, amperometric and abnormal voltages, overheating, freezing, anti-blocking and anti-cycling.

Esybox Max Pumps Required An Esybox Dock For Installation - See Accessories


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